It is working …

The RSS feed to the Google Reader process is delivering …

I have two new models, this morning, to set the wheels turning.

The first is courtesy Beth’s blog and is a five colour change model

My questions here: how this ‘fits’ with MBTI?, what else (MBTI would predict 4 colours) is it capturing?

The second is courtesy Shawn at Anecdote, and looks at a four quadrant analysis of systems and brings me back to Bateson and story and mind and pattern, and presents, for me, an interesting summary and comparison, and a suggestion of what to do in chaos – do to shift …

My question here is – what about that middle hatched patch?

Working on building a routine for virtual presence

Stephen suggests making it a habit ..

I have found that the computer has taught me to not bother to try and learn to remember – it changes so quickly, that remembering effort in learning becomes a waste of time.

Then I have found, if I am asked how to work something with the computer, the solution is to log on and do it, and then tell someone how I am doing it: I know more about doing it than knowing to tell.

So being present, virtually, will be about having a routine: turning computer on; checking email; responding to email; following through any notices from established forums for interaction, for presence there; logging on to Facebook to see who has been doing what, to see if I have something to share with where they are at, as well as telling what’s the next thing for me in current importance/focus; then logging on Edublog to check in with others’ blogs, and then somehow ask myself how do I integrate this material … what’s my summary for today?

The visual forcing the thinking

Ahhh, so this process is ‘beginning to work’ – at another level.

The work on posting images, and working on images to reconsider articulation, has borne fruit … I have a development on my know-what-how-why venns+text

And that suggests that it might be worthwhile to revisit my intricate interactivity one for learning-inquiry-evaluation.

An aside, about images – this time I have not aligned it.  That means it takes up its own space and other text follows on after, not wraps elsewhere – obvious when you look at the options diagrams, but you do need to know what you are seeing.  Clicking on the image here will give you a larger view, and the whole view.