Structuring for serendipity?

Ah ha, have I just constructed an oxymoron?  [I am wanting ‘serendipity’; what has ‘structure’ got to do with serendipity?; isn’t ‘structure’ and ‘serendipity’ a contradiction in terms?]

The lack of posts for a couple of days represents time spent on trying to work with RSS feeds .. when I don’t know what they are; or why?; or how?

The stimulus is the flow-on from Stephen Downes, the development of the ‘node’ of ‘learning’, to pull, and so that my node might become a point of reference for another’s learning – ie potential teaching/ facilitation of another’s learning.

But as I say, I have done, and without understanding.

To start, I opened an account with Feedburner, and registered my two active blogs (which permit RSS) and … got next to nothing.

Then, I clicked on the RSS symbol with some other webpages, and blogs, where I would like to know when there has been action .. ie to reduce the activity around the routine mentioned earlier, and was stepped through to bring them to a Google reader.

Ah .. two days later, and I realise the latter was all I needed to do, in order to consolidate reporting of activity (others’ activity, that is; since after all, I am still supposed to know what I am doing myself!).

To capture what others might be doing with my activity, here, all I need to do is RSS comments under the meta- options from this site …

So here is some of how I learn by doing …

Which reminds me: another of my operative adages, to add to the picture =1000 words, and 3M=mixing makes mud, is that necessity is the mother of invention .. talk about being ‘pulled’ by ‘learning’ …