Faulty Thinking

I have found (2011!) another source of faulty thinking itemsĀ  at http://youarenotsosmart.com/

And now to notice how long it has been since I last posted here (October 2011) and when I intended, but did not do any work on summarising! (May 2009).

Summarising is so tough.

My recent resolve to work weekly on a haiku poem requires me to do some of that summary overview thinking … so we will see if discipline in that area proves to be productive for 2013.

Faulty thinking collection

at Cognitive Edge has identified a useful set of cognition hazards

  • contrast effect
  • sunk-cost effect
  • out-group homogeneity
  • Actor-observer contrasts
  • self-confirmation
  • confirmity
  • overconfident

These connect with Ross Gittins’ recent expose (Sydney Morning Herald 07/04/2007),

  • representative bias
  • availability bias
  • hindsight bias
  • confirmation bias
  • self-serving bias

and with my earlier, thesis-based collection

Now to see if I can summarise, synthesise and consolidate ….