EBNE thinking (deBono)

Another connection with a chat today, with Hildegund at Facebook, is the post at Edward de Bono’s site, and about thinking, and what he calls EBNE thinking: Excellent, But Not Enough.

This ties in with my post about Use, and especially the remark about operacy knowledge.

It also ties in with John Heron’s ‘practical’ apex, and with presence and presentational capacity – what we can enact, bodily

This looks like taking me somewhere else, very soon now.

And right now, I am wondering: is it better that this thinking be recorded here at Edublogs, or on my Tiddlywiki .. or might it be sufficient, at my Tiddlywiki, to have the reference to here?  Oh! the bother of journalling, electronically!!!  Bother my archiving propensities.  Bother Academici teaching me to be careful.

Working on building a routine for virtual presence

Stephen suggests making it a habit ..

I have found that the computer has taught me to not bother to try and learn to remember – it changes so quickly, that remembering effort in learning becomes a waste of time.

Then I have found, if I am asked how to work something with the computer, the solution is to log on and do it, and then tell someone how I am doing it: I know more about doing it than knowing to tell.

So being present, virtually, will be about having a routine: turning computer on; checking email; responding to email; following through any notices from established forums for interaction, for presence there; logging on to Facebook to see who has been doing what, to see if I have something to share with where they are at, as well as telling what’s the next thing for me in current importance/focus; then logging on Edublog to check in with others’ blogs, and then somehow ask myself how do I integrate this material … what’s my summary for today?

The visual forcing the thinking

Ahhh, so this process is ‘beginning to work’ – at another level.

The work on posting images, and working on images to reconsider articulation, has borne fruit … I have a development on my know-what-how-why venns+text

And that suggests that it might be worthwhile to revisit my intricate interactivity one for learning-inquiry-evaluation.

An aside, about images – this time I have not aligned it.  That means it takes up its own space and other text follows on after, not wraps elsewhere – obvious when you look at the options diagrams, but you do need to know what you are seeing.  Clicking on the image here will give you a larger view, and the whole view.

Next learning on images and galleries

Now to see if I can extract items from a previous gallery and add in here.

My 3M model- Mixing Makes Mud – refers to the fact that when the three primaries of red, blue and yellow are overlapped, the result is three secondaries (green, orange, purple), and the one tertiary, brown.  In Venn terms the secondaries are the items that are common to set A AND set B, while the smallest tertiary are the items from sets A, B, C that are common to A AND B AND C.  I have explained this in some more detail elsewhere.

This model helps me get past three dimensions and into 8 categories: the three primaries, their three secondaries, and the one related tertiary, and the rest of the world that falls outside of the three primary sets.

Applied to knowledge, in the know- What, How, Why options, the connections look like this:

So, yes, I can use the images from another post’s gallery to add in here.  And when I have saved this I am going to check: does adding these in here mean that they are copied into a gallery for this post?


Back to learning – being stuck

I have run into difficulties with posting images …

there are two options here … the icon in the main menu which wants a URL, and the Add-media option above the main menu.

The add-media option allows me to upload an image … my question now, is: does the ‘gallery’ for a post vary from post to post, or do my images get consolidated into a ‘this user gallery’?  I suspect/hypothesise it is a gallery per post.  Now to test that with another jpeg of practice knowledge

so what am I learning?

the basics …

checking that I know how to post a blog item… haven’t run into any problems yet, past learning is sufficing

finding out how to set up the edublog presentation … more to learn here;

beginning to use tags … and doing some thinking about thinking

beginning to use categories … and again being forced to think about thinking and how I might use these new tools to design for serendipity

running out of cognitive space .. time for a break and space to let this settle