EBNE thinking (deBono)

Another connection with a chat today, with Hildegund at Facebook, is the post at Edward de Bono’s site, and about thinking, and what he calls EBNE thinking: Excellent, But Not Enough.

This ties in with my post about Use, and especially the remark about operacy knowledge.

It also ties in with John Heron’s ‘practical’ apex, and with presence and presentational capacity – what we can enact, bodily

This looks like taking me somewhere else, very soon now.

And right now, I am wondering: is it better that this thinking be recorded here at Edublogs, or on my Tiddlywiki .. or might it be sufficient, at my Tiddlywiki, to have the reference to here?  Oh! the bother of journalling, electronically!!!  Bother my archiving propensities.  Bother Academici teaching me to be careful.

Another diversion

Concurrent with the pull technology that Stephen Downes is advocating, and the shift in my practice to build these inputs to my daily regime, has come a question about electronic journalling.

I have passed that query to another with more e-experience (a professional learning platform implementer) and been referred to Tiddlywiki.  So my silence here, for three weeks, represents any spare time being spent on making a shift in my practice to develop an on-computer Tiddlywiki for my journalling …

I am making progress. I have shifted my daily prioritising and accomplishment annotations to the Tiddlywiki.

I have been brought up against the size and nature of my archive, and so am trying to transfer material from WORD documents to a Tiddlywiki file, and as matters arise.  I will also endeavour to do some processing of the archive rather than the simple copy and paste process.  In that way, I might also develop some summarising skills for myself – having eschewed working on summarising for the past ten years of more recent scholarship (I need to have the text open to another read, rather than relying on my first read and the summary in my own words of that first read, and not having a summary forces the re-read!).