CV:Publications and recent writing

2008: Contributing to Learning to Change: Exploring Learning from Experience for Professionals.  VDM. ISBN 978-3-639-06165-9

2008: Contributing to Learning to Change, ALARj, vol 13, no 1, pp.86-110

2005 M.Ed(Hons) Thesis: Contributing to Learning to Change: Developing An Action Learning Peer Support Group Of Professionals To Investigate Ways Of Improving Their Own Professional Practice

1984, with Jim Derbyshire:    Land between Two Rivers: A Historical & Pictorial Survey of Shellharbour Municipality

1974:    Christ’s People & Society (a response to the double dissolution & Family Action Group involvement in the Senate election)

1974:    The Illawarra Region Report: A Preliminary to Planned Development (directed to the South Coast Conservation Society & Illawarra Regional Advisory Council)
1974:    Lake Illawarra: A Report on Land Use in the Catchment Area of Lake Illawarra (directed the South Coast Conservation Society & Illawarra Regional Advisory Council)
1973:    Planning for the District of Kiama, Jamberoo & Gerringong (in conjunction with a local resident action group, and for submission to Kiama Council in respect of the “Varying Scheme” deliberations)
1973:    A Case for Quarrying

Academic Papers:

1996-8 (assignment work with MDR at UTS):
1.    Equipping Staff To Handle Disputes Effectively In Local Government
2.    Issues In Training In Negotiation Skills For An Organisational Setting
3.    Facilitation: The Use Of Mediation Techniques & Processes In Resolving Differences In Group Decision-Making
4.    Learning From The Experience Of Disputes At Shellharbour City Council.
5.    Lessons To Be Learned From The Experience Of Disputes In The Construction Industry
6.    Nature Of Conflict & Its Role In Society
7.    Industrial Dispute Resolution: Issues, Trends And Implications
8.    Reflective Research of Practice: Applied to Third Party Interventions – Concepts involved in the Reflective Research of Practice of Third Party Interventions

1999-2004 (assignment work with M.Ed (Adult Education) at UTS):
1.    Learning from Discomfort
2.    Critique a research text and its perspective
3.    Frame research choices around a particular topic
4.    Argue a research problem and method
5.    Design a research strategy
6.    Research proposal
7.    The Role of Language in Transformative Learning and Spiritual Traditions
8.    Learning Experience Design for the development of a richer understanding of reflective work.
9.    Critical reflection on my understanding of learning in higher and professional education
10.    Improving My Interactions In Computer Mediated Communications
11.    A Discussion Paper – Scaffolding for Adult Learners Working with Learning to Change
12.    Adult Communication Management and Team Work Assessment Task 3.3 Summary of Individual Learning (Self Evaluation/Reflection)

Reports of Observations of Clinical Psychology Supervision Group work

2006 Considerations for Improving Supervision of Clinical Practice from an Exploratory Case Study: Group Supervision for Supervisor and Trainee


Conference papers

2008 Harmonising the voices: narrative, inquiry and professional practice

(Meeta Chatterjee, Dianne Allen and Heather Jamieson
Learning Development, and Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong)

2008 The Story and Working on Practice Knowledge

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